Google, responding to the Dutch authority’s findings, said it provided users of its services with sufficiently specific information about the way it processed their personal data.


Open Source Virtual Monitor XEN VDS

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Open Source Virtual Monitor XEN VDS

XEN is an open source virtual machine monitor usually compatible with x-86 computers. The VPS plans using Xen have a full control over their virtual dedicated server as it was their dedicated server, which means you will not face any problem while installing your modules or even your IP addresses. As XEN does not allow overselling, your resources are allocated to you only.

Certain features of Xen VPS are that it gives you a full root and complete access and control over your resources. You have facilities like remote reboot, remote KVM or serial access. You can request for service monitoring and multiple dedicated IP addresses. You will always have a direct access over SSH or console. You can also isolate your system or you have a choice of installing multiple operating systems which can be changed by you on a simple command. The…

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Apple’s Maps Manager Given the Boot

The issues with Apple Maps in iOS 6 have been well documented. After parting ways with Google, Apple decided to implement their own solution for their next mobile operating method. Today news has leaked out that Richard Williamson, who was in charge of the mapping team, has been pushed out by Senior Vice President of Web Program and Services Eddy Cue. The move comes hot on the heels of recent restructuring at Apple.

brooklyn03A replacement for Richard Williamson has not yet been found. Simultaneously there’s rumors that Apple may be teaming up with digital map providers Tom Tom NV for future map features. While the maps booboo did not delay the sales of the iPhone five, they did force CEO Tim Cook to offer a public apology. And now the man responsible may have lost his job over the failure to deliver.

Dell Unveils New Fluid Data Architecture Solutions

Dell had revealed a series of end-to-end updates to its portfolio of products for its advanced Fluid Data architecture that helps customers optimize data storage for their business.

Among the updates that were introduced included the Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.3 array software, which provides improved scalability and performance for Dell Compellent arrays. With the capability to increase performance up to 100 percent over previous versions when running enterprise workloads.

Besides that, Dell also unveiled its PowerVault MD3 software enhancements that offer enhanced data protection, performance, capacity and virtualization capabilities. Among the data protection enhancements available from the PowerVault MD3 include dynamic disk pools that simplifies disk management and improves performance by distributing data across all drives, decreasing recovery time of drive failures. The PowerVault MD3 also includes VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support, allowing customers to offload certain storage related tasks from the server.

Samsung GALAXY S III sales milestone – 30 Million Global Sales

Demand for Samsung Galaxy S III seems to be going on strong despite the launch of Apple iPhone 5 as the Korean company reaches another sales milestone – 30 million global sales.

According to Slash Gear, Samsung Poland made the announcement via its Twitter and Facebook pages with the update, “We have already sold 30,000,000 Samsung SDSIII worldwide! Have you had a change to test its features?”

Galaxy S III

Hitting the 30 million mark is not unexpected as the GALAXY S III crossed the 20 million sales mark in September, which was certainly boosted by the 9 million pre-orders from over 100 global carriers.

Just last week, Samsung also announced that it has sold over three million units of the GALAXY Note II in just one month after its launch.

The Samsung GALAXY S III garnered our Editor’s Choice award for its beautiful 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, great battery life, superb image quality and comprehensive software features such as Smart Stay. To find out why we (along with consumers around the world) fell in love with the GALAXY S III, do check out our in-depth review here.

NVIDIA Powers Amazing Windows 8 Experiences

Thanks to NVIDIA’s expertise in visual & mobile computing, as well as its extensive collaboration with Microsoft, consumers will be able to enjoy premium experiences when using Windows 8 & Windows RT on NVIDIA-powered systems. Because Net Explorer ten & Windows 8 now take advantage of graphics hardware, PCs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs will deliver exceptional experiences for editing images & videos, as well as for playing games & browsing the net. ARM-based processors like the NVIDIA Tegra three is set to also ushers users in to a brand new generation of devices that are narrow & light, yet run for days on a single charge.

 “We’ve worked with Microsoft to ensure that Windows RT delivers a seamless experience on mobile devices,” said Rene Haas,  NVIDIA Vice President and General Manager of Computing Products. “Our experience with Windows and expertise on ARM makes NVIDIA specially qualified to deliver a premium Windows experience on any system – from sexy and sleek Windows RT tablets to high-end gaming PCs.”

NVIDIA has worked closely with Microsoft to provide graphics technologies and video drivers for its operating systems and APIs for nearly two decades. For Windows 8, NVIDIA’s engineers worked three years in advance to support Microsoft’s effort to take advantage of graphics hardware for its brand new operating system, which will be extended to tablets. With this, NVIDIA provided extensive support including development kits, software support and 500 man-years of engineering time, collaborating with Microsoft to deliver an amazing Windows experience on mobile devices. The result is Windows RT.